Dento (Tailor made Gi)


Great designs reflect the spirit of its purpose in a clean, simple - yet refined - manner.
For a Karate designer, creating an exquisite Karate gi is the ultimate test. It requires not only a deep understanding of the art of Karate and the craft of tailoring, but merging the two to capture and unify their spirits.

BUDO-NORD DENTO - the spirit of Tradition & Innovation.
- soft to the touch, but absorbs less moisture than ordinary brushed uniforms.
- high density canvas fabric is firm, but not stiff.
- our signature construction gives a smooth, comfortable feel.
- quality tailoring ensures an impeccable appearance.
- clean and bright shade of white.
- wide enough for low stances, yet the waist is not bulky.

The fibres of DENTO
Selected, long-fibre cotton is the only fibre allowed in our top uniform.
The two sides of DENTO
The outside; soft and silky to the touch.
The inside; a lint-free, smooth surface which creates a cool sensation. Even in the heat of battle.

The engineering of DENTO
Each and every DENTO is made by a tailor. Only skilled craftsmen can achieve the fit and finish of DENTO.

The details of DENTO
Reverse sleeve construction, pleated waist, three-layer hem and cuff are just a few expressions of DENTO's expert craftsmanship.

RRP £150 - £180  Sale Prices already applied

Uniform Size:
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